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Raymond Britt: Digital and Web Strategy Executive

Posted in Profile by Raymond Britt on 12/01/2016

Raymond Britt is a Marketing Executive and eCommerce Strategy Executive at WinSight, author and publisher of RunTriMedia. Overall, his experience is defined by:

  • Exceptional global Employers, such as Accenture, Oliver Wyman,  as principal/partner
  • Extraordinary Clients, such as AT&T Board of Directors, AT&T Wireless, Hallmark Cards, UPS, Microsoft, Neilsen
  • Global Leadership roles, delivering consistent breakthrough strategies and results

The Difference — The ‘Secret Weapon’ Factor.

Here’s What separates Britt from the other successful execs out there:

  • He’s an Early Internet Web Commerce Pioneer, since 1998, a senior executive for 18 years.
  • In short, a client captured Britt’s capabilities: ‘He’s our Secret Weapon for incrementally faster growth

Selected major eCommerce Strategy clients include:

The results of recent strategies and initiatives include $100 million+ global revenue increase strategies, and building Mobile Commerce growth by up to $50 million for retail and eCommerce clients.

In addition, Britt is a 3 time Ironman Triathlon World Championship competitor, finisher of 29 Ironman Triarhlons, a 13-consecutive year Boston Marathoner, an author of several books, and contributor of articles, perspectives and/or photographs to Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today, ESPN, Runner’s World, Triathlete, and many other major media outlets.

For more, see: Raymond Britt’s Complete Profile at LinkedIn.com.


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